Qingdao DX Packing Company was founded in 1994 and is located in Jimo district. The factory production area is 35,000 square meters (376,000 Square Foot) and maintains 200 professionally trained employees annually to meet all customer demands and needs. 

Qingdao DX Packing Company has the ability to produce up to 10 colors gravure printing to the plastic bags for various markets usage in all sizes and offers the most professional designing service team available with state-of-the-art machines and advanced processing procedures. DX currently supplies all types of packaging bags for the worlds market place to include Food packaging, Garment packaging, Fishing Lure Pouches, Animal Food packaging, Sanitary products packaging, etc. There is no package that DX is unable to design and efficiently supply for the customer needs and requirements.

There is always a large inventory of daily usage plastic packaging products kept in stock. The MOQ of customized digital printing bags can be as low as 200pcs/item, and the digital printing are up to 24 colors, that could meet the market requirement of complex and personalized designing packaging.

Qingdao DX Packing Company is the authorized packaging supplier for Uniqlo Company, and is credited with ISO9001 and has passed the Disney and BRC audit.

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